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Fireplace Tabletop Project X

Fireplace Tabletop Project X

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Transform your tables into miniature fireplaces with these DIY model kits.

🔴Make your own!

DIY flat pack timber model kits. Minimal glueing required. Build time: approx 0-1 hour.

🟠Light up

Every model comes with empty fire can, volcano stones, isolation sand and glass.
You have to fill it with gel fuel. You can buy already filled Sterno gels too or just place a candle inside.

🟡 Not just for decoration

4 pcs Roasting Forks are included. You can use them for marshmallows.

🟢 Explore Tabletop Fireplaces

◾️Japanese Irori Fire pit - It's a redesigned Irori (sunken heart). It has 4 diffrent engraved bamboo plates around it. Mountain Fuji, Dragon, Koi Fish, Pagoda
◾️Chinese Yueyang Tower - It's the most detailed and complex model. It has traditional drawing on its walls, enddragon headed roof details.
◾️Modern - It comes in two different colours, black or white. It has marble pattern with golden veins.
◾️Classic - Designed for all kinds of tables and rooms. It has soft curves, sharp pattern this way it will combine with your room very well.


◾️Japanese Irori Fire pit - (6.8"x6.8"x2.6"+ 2"glass)(17.2cm x 17.2cm x 6.6cm x +5cm glass)
◾️Chinese Yueyang Tower - (6.7"x6.7"x3.3"+ 1.5"glass)(17cm x 17cm x 8.5cm x +4cm glass)
◾️Modern - (5.5"x5.5"x3.1"+ 2"glass)(14cm x 14cm x 8cm x +5cm glass)
◾️Classic - (5.9"x5.9"x3.1"+ 2"glass)(15cm x 15cm x 8cm x +5cm glass)

For assembly instructions please visit


You are welcome to request any color or design change for the wall sign.


The sign is made out of painted MDF board. It performs much better than real wood, which is made from resin and recycled wood fibers


We have 6 standard options for led lightning

-Snow White
-Warm White
-RGB with remote


Our Processing time/Turnout time is 1-3 days.
Delivered by FEDEX Priorty in 3-5 days.


Suggested sizes:

You can still order anything between 18" to 42" please send us a message for custom order request.

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We can transform any design into a metal wall sign.

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