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This will be all about Suga, his past, and about him.

As everyone should know by now, Suga’s real name is Min Yoon-Gi, and his solo name is Agust D. He was born on March 9, 1993 in Bulk District, Daegu, South Korea. Yes, he had grown up poor, yet so did I. He had to go to work to earn money, but he barely made it through. One day, while Min Yoon-Gi was out making a delivery, he got in an accident and stated, ‘When I opened my eyes, I saw the bike tire right next to my face.’ When I had heard this, I cried. This accident made him so much stronger and he IS still going through different surgeries for his shoulder, but he is not trying to risk his life. On the note of risking their life, Min Yoon-Gi did try committing suicide, as did I, and luckily someone had found us and took us to the hospital (different people at different times, obviously) and saved our lives. After that, we went through psychiatrists and finally got better. He was in BTS and found his happiness, music. I am also a musician, just I am too nervous to make a video of me singing, but I am trying to do so in a few months, and I have already finished writing my first song. But, once he realized that people can end up loving him and helping him, then he accepted a lot of people in as his ‘family’, hence what we are (ARMY).

If you can, share this, because if this can go viral, then we ARMY are truly Suga’s family. I LOVE YOU MIN YOON-GI!! WE ARE AND WILL ALWAYS BE HERE FOR YOU!!!!

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