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harry potter

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    Harry Potter Book Nook with Magnetic Switch

    $69.99 $79.99

    This is a Book Nook with a Diagon Alley, Magic Alley theme. A great gift for your friends. Made from 3mm high quality plywood with ISO 9001 and health certificates.

    ⭐⭐⭐INCLUDING 6 Colors Fibre-Tip Pens + Paw Readings Sign + Personalized Wand Shop Sign FOR FREE⭐⭐⭐


    —-WHY Magnetic Book Nook by KUTALP is better?—-

    1-Details are 3D engraved you can touch and feel them. Gives more realistic look.
    2-Magnetic switch makes it perfect with to its title Magic Alley. You just place your wand and lights are on. No cables or switches outside hanging so looks one piece and cleaner than others.
    3-Comes with 3 meters led light, all cables attached and works with AA batteries. AA batteries easy to find and replace also works longer than small watch batteries. AA Batteries doesn’t included due to shipping rules.
    4-Toy quality plywood used for health care.
    5-Acrylic windows makes it more realistic.
    6-Add custom sign and make it look special.
    7-Comes in a well protected box, free and 3 days express shipping.
    8-Colored instructions included in the box.

    1. Kit – A flat pack kit that you’ll need to assemble. You’ll need a super glue (not included) to hang the shop signs chains are included and pre assembled. Lights are included, needs 2x AA batteries (Not Included)

    2. Customizations could result in up to 1 day additional time to ship. If your order is time sensitive, please contact me before ordering to be sure on availability.

    3. Personalized Wand Shop Sign – FREE – Great for gifts, add a sign with a custom text on it.

    These are made to order. As a hand finished item, each will have minor variations. In the event some pieces are hard to assemble, you may also need some sandpaper and a small hammer to gently tap the pieces in place.


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